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Upgrading to Karafka 2.2

Pro & Enterprise Upgrade Support

If you're gearing up to upgrade to the latest Karafka version and are a Pro or Enterprise user, remember you've got a dedicated lifeline! Reach out via the dedicated Slack channel for direct support to ensure everything has been covered.

As always, please make sure you have upgraded to the most recent version of 2.1 before upgrading to 2.2.

If you are not using Kafka ACLs, there is no action you need to take.

If you are using Kafka ACLs and you've set up permissions for karafka_admin group, please note that this name has now been changed and is subject to Consumer Name Mapping.

That means you must ensure that the new consumer group that by default equals CLIENT_ID_karafka_admin has appropriate permissions. Please note that the Web UI also uses this group.

Karafka::Admin now has its own set of configuration options available, and you can find more details about that here.

If you want to maintain the 2.1 behavior, that is karafka_admin admin group, we recommend introducing this case inside your consumer mapper. Assuming you use the default one, the code will look as follows:

  class MyMapper
    def call(raw_consumer_group_name)
      # If group is the admin one, use as it was in 2.1
      return 'karafka_admin' if raw_consumer_group_name == 'karafka_admin'

      # Otherwise use default karafka strategy for the rest