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Karafka Pro is an enhanced version of the Karafka framework, adding more functionalities and providing additional customer support options.

Is there a trial version?

Yes. For free, you can obtain temporary credentials from our website.

Those credentials will be valid for a month for every environment.

The trial license does not grant you our Pro commercial support.

What is the license?

See COMM-LICENSE in the root of the Karafka repo.

How does Pro licensing work?

Every organization running Karafka Pro on its servers must purchase a subscription. There's no limit to the number of servers or environments used by that organization. Your subscription will automatically renew every year.

Do I require to change source of the package?

No. All Karafka Pro code is stored in the same package and only included and used when a valid license gem is present.

What happens if my subscription lapses?

If we cannot charge your card, we will email you and try three more times over a week. If it still fails, your subscription will be canceled.

You'll lose access to the gem server and priority support, and Karafka Pro won't work anymore.

Do I need to replace the license for my running processes?

No. The production environment that is already started will not be affected (until the next deployment).

How do I buy Karafka Pro?

Follow the instructions on our website.

Can I distribute Karafka Pro to my customers?

This is a common requirement for "on-site installs" or "appliances" sold to large corporations.

The standard license is only appropriate for SaaS usage as it does not allow distribution. Karafka Pro has an Appliance license option which does allow you to distribute it. The Appliance license is $2,995/yr. It allows you to distribute the Pro gem as part of your application and each of your customers to run Karafka Pro as part of your application only. Email to purchase.

Can you transfer a license?

Licenses are not transferrable to another company. It is strongly recommended that you buy the license using a group email address so the license is not attached to any one employee's email address.

Do I have to share the credentials with all of my developers?

In general, yes. The credentials are required to download the gems and your developers will need the gems to use the commercial features.

Can I get a refund?

No. We offer a monthly trial during which you can check out Karafka Pro capabilities.

Can I accidentally use Pro because it is in the same repository?

No. The Pro code is never loaded unless a valid karafka-license is detected.

Ethics, Privacy, and Information Usage

We only collect enough customer information to fill out a standard invoice for billing purposes. Customer information is never shared or sold to anyone.

The Karafka software runs on your servers. Karafka never has access to any private user data.

Contact Info

Maciej Mensfeld,
Sikorskiego 31/12
34-400 Nowy Targ

All billing/support inquiries:
NIP (VAT-ID): PL 735 261 5885