Purchase Karafka Pro

Purchase or trial Karafka Pro

Karafka Pro includes a commercial-friendly license, priority support, architecture consultations, high throughput data processing-related features, and more.

10% of the income will be distributed back to other OSS projects that Karafka uses under the hood.

Help us provide high-quality open-source software.

If you want to purchase or trial Karafka Pro (there is 14 days trial without any commitment requirements), please go to our website and follow the instructions there.

Purchase or trial Karafka Enterprise

From a feature perspective, Karafka Pro and Enterprise deliver the same value, ensuring you get consistent functionality regardless of your choice. To fully grasp Karafka's capabilities, we encourage you to utilize the Pro trial, allowing you firsthand experience of its functionalities. If, after your trial, you find that the Enterprise license aligns more with your organizational needs, especially in terms of licensing and support features, please get in touch with us via email.