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Karafka Enterprise

When deciding between Karafka Pro and Enterprise, it's vital to understand that the technical features of the Karafka ecosystem remain the same across both. The primary distinctions lie not in the technical functionality but in licensing, usage permissions, payment methods, and support for compliance documentation. For larger organizations that prioritize legal compliance and aim to minimize any legal impact of using third-party software, the Enterprise license agreement is tailored to meet such needs.

Additionally, the offline/embedded mode available in the Enterprise version is specifically designed to reduce the supply chain footprint. This can be especially crucial for organizations subject to rigorous security checks and compliance requirements.

Key Differences between Karafka Pro and Enterprise

Workshop Session

Our Enterprise Subscription includes a remote 4-hour-long live workshop specifically tailored for those embarking on their journey with Kafka and Karafka. This session provides a comprehensive dive into the event-driven architecture, Kafka and Karafka. This live, interactive session dedicated to both novice and seasoned developers will provide you with the knowledge needed to quickly kick-start your projects, sidestep common pitfalls, and truly harness the full power of the Karafka framework. You can read more about this workshop here.

Extended Contingent Rights

With the Enterprise version, organizations have the privilege to continue using the version of Karafka available on the day their license expires or subscription terminates. This means that even if you decide not to renew or end your subscription, you can still legally use the existing version without any subsequent updates.

Offline / Embedded Usage Rights

Enterprise users are not tied to our gem server for license gem download and verification. This grants organizations the flexibility and independence to utilize Karafka without any external dependencies.

Private Fork Usage

One of the standout features of the Enterprise version is the extended permission granted to users. You can continue using your private fork of Karafka even after your license expires or your subscription concludes. This ensures that your operations remain unaffected, granting you more control over your ecosystem.

Flexible Payment Options

Understanding the diverse needs of large organizations, the Enterprise version offers the option of making payments via invoicing. This makes the financial transaction process more streamlined and adaptable to corporate financial workflows.

Compliance Documentation Support

Legal compliance, especially in today's complex regulatory environment, is paramount. With the Enterprise version, I am available to assist your organization in crafting any security or compliance documentation. This bespoke service ensures that your usage of Karafka aligns with industry standards and meets organizational requirements.

Custom License Agreement

While Karafka Pro is sold with its set terms and conditions, Enterprise customers may request contract changes. Recognizing that enterprise businesses might have specific requirements or concerns, we offer the flexibility for Enterprise users to request changes to the terms and conditions of the license agreement. This level of customization ensures that your organization's unique needs and preferences are met.

Who Should Choose Karafka Enterprise?

Karafka Enterprise offering is designed to meet the specific needs of larger organizations and enterprises that require more than just the features offered by Karafka Pro. Below are key scenarios and organizational needs that make Karafka Enterprise the ideal choice:

  • Organizations that Need Invoicing

Enterprise offers the flexibility of invoicing for payments, which is essential for many large organizations with strict financial processes and workflows. This option simplifies the financial transactions and aligns with corporate payment practices.

  • Organizations Betting Their Business on Karafka:

For companies that plan to heavily rely on Karafka for their core business operations, Enterprise provides extended contingency rights. This ensures that even if the subscription expires, the organization can continue using the existing version of Karafka, thereby minimizing operational risks.

  • Organizations with Strict Security Requirements:

Enterprise caters to organizations with stringent security needs by offering a fully offline license mode. This feature allows Karafka to be used without any external dependencies, which is crucial for environments with rigorous security checks and compliance requirements.

  • Organizations Needing Custom License Agreements:

Unlike Karafka Pro, which comes with standard terms and conditions, Karafka Enterprise provides the flexibility to negotiate and customize license agreements. This is particularly beneficial for enterprises with specific legal or operational requirements.

  • Organizations Requiring Special Documentation:

Enterprise includes support for creating custom compliance and security documentation. This service ensures that the organization’s use of Karafka meets industry standards and regulatory requirements, which is essential for legal and compliance audits.

By choosing Karafka Enterprise, organizations can ensure that their Kafka and Karafka implementations are robust, secure, and aligned with their specific business and operational needs.