Features list

Karafka Pro is a commercial version of the open-source Karafka framework for building Ruby Kafka-based applications.

Below you can find the list of the Pro features with their brief description:

  • Enhanced Web UI - The Enhanced Web UI offers additional features and capabilities that are not available in the free version, making it a better option for those looking for more robust monitoring and management capabilities for their Karafka applications.
  • Virtual Partitions - Virtual Partitions allow you to parallelize data processing from a single partition. This can drastically increase throughput when IO operations are involved.
  • Long-Running Jobs - Long-Running Jobs are jobs that run continuously and handle messages from a Kafka topic over an extended time beyond max.poll.interval.ms. These jobs are designed to handle tasks requiring longer execution times, such as data processing, transformation, and analysis.
  • Enhanced Dead Letter Queue - Enhanced Dead Letter Queue feature provides additional functionalities and warranties to the regular Dead Letter Queue feature. It aims to complement it with other dispatch warranties and additional messages metadata information.
  • Enhanced Active Job - Enhanced Active Job adapter provides extra capabilities to regular Active Job to elevate the combination of Active Job and Kafka.
  • Enhanced Scheduler - The Enhanced Scheduler uses a non-preemptive LJF (Longest Job First) algorithm to achieve better performance, especially on jobs that perform IO operations.
  • Messages At Rest Encryption - Karafka Pro supports transparent encryption of the message's payload, so sensitive data at rest in Kafka cannot be seen.
  • Commercial Friendly License - Besides its useful functionalities, buying Karafka Pro grants your organization a Karafka commercial license instead of the GNU LGPL, avoiding any legal issues your lawyers might raise. Please see the Pro FAQ for further licensing details, including options for distributing Karafka Pro with your products.