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Karafka Pro Support

Karafka offers community support via Github issues and a Slack channel.

Karafka Pro offers priority support via a dedicated per-organization private Slack channel and via email.

Version Support

Please check out the Versions Lifecycle and EOL for information about supported versions.

Priority Support

Thinking about introducing Kafka to your Ruby and Rails stack?

With Karafka, you can get priority support with a max response time of 2 working days. For support, email or send us a message using one of the dedicated private channels using our Slack.

Please email using the same domain as the original license email or explain your connection to the licensed company.


Yearly Pro customers may request a two-hour video chat session with Maciej Mensfeld to discuss their application(s), requirements, and how best to leverage the various Karafka features. Contact us at to set up your session.

Please email using the same domain as the original license email or explain your connection to the licensed company.

Upgrade Support

While we provide comprehensive upgrade guides for users to migrate to new versions, it may not be enough, especially when upgrading from unsupported old versions. The upgrade guides offer step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade Karafka, including changes in configuration, code, and dependencies.

However, in some cases, users may be upgrading from versions that are no longer supported or have significant differences in functionality, making the upgrade process more complex. Pro yearly subscribed users may reach out for additional support in such cases.

Upgrading Karafka can be a critical task for maintaining the health and performance of an application, so it's essential to approach the process carefully and with sufficient resources.

Prioritized Bug Fixes

We recognize the significance of prompt and effective bug resolution for your ongoing projects and application stability. Hence, with the Karafka Pro version, we assure a superior level of attention to any bugs or issues you might encounter during your application development. Here's how we do it:

  1. Priority in the Queue: Karafka Pro users' bug reports get precedence over standard reports. Any reported bugs are placed at the top of the triage process, which allows us to initiate the debugging and resolution process sooner. This priority queue ensures that we address your issues quickly and keep your projects moving.

  2. Faster Release Cycles for Bug Fixes: In line with our commitment to serving our Pro customers better, bug fixes for issues reported by Pro users get released faster. We ensure that these fixes are incorporated into our release cycle promptly, significantly reducing the wait time for bug resolution.

  3. Proactive Communication: We believe in maintaining clear and proactive communication with our users. We will keep you updated on the status of your reported bugs. You will be notified about the progress from the moment we begin working on the bug until its final resolution. This helps keep you in the loop and ensures transparency.

  4. Enhanced Testing: We understand the unique requirements and high standards of our Karafka Pro users. We perform additional layers of testing for bug fixes reported by Pro users to ensure the stability and reliability of the solution.

  5. Consideration for Backporting Features or Fixes: We understand that certain features or fixes can significantly enhance the functionality and stability of your current projects. As a Karafka Pro user, you can request a backport of a particular feature or fix to support your specific needs. Please note that the possibility of backporting will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account factors like the feasibility of the backport and its impact on system stability.

By opting for Karafka Pro, you are not just purchasing a product but partnering with people committed to ensuring the smooth operation of your applications.

Please note that our software is provided "as is." We recommend utilizing the trial period to thoroughly test it, as we cannot guarantee it will be entirely bug-free or that all issues will be resolved. That said, we always strive to deliver the best, and historically, there have been no unresolved bugs. However, given Kafka's complexity, situations can vary.