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Karafka Pro Security

Using Karafka Pro means we are part of your Open Source Supply Chain. We take this exceptionally seriously.

Each Pro customer is encouraged to implement our license gem integrity verification flow that ensures license consistency provided via our Gem server.

On top of that, to ensure the stability and security of the system:

  • Karafka Github organization participates in the private vulnerability reporting program.
  • No Karafka ecosystem components collect and send out any data from your systems.
  • We do not hold your credit card information. All subscription management is done via Stripe.
  • We do not collect any PII when a gem license is fetched. The only things logged are IP and the last request time.
  • All of Karafka ecosystem code is available publically in our Github organization.
  • Karafka gem server is monitored with uptime tools.
  • We monitor server logs for suspicious activities and requests.
  • Every single SSH connection is logged.
  • Karafka gem server allows for credentials rotation in case of an external leak.
  • We monitor the integrity of all the licenses using automated tools to ensure they are not compromised.
  • Our license packages do not include any code beyond the code needed to read the version and the license files.
  • Unless explicitly contacted by us, your license id should never change and should be locked in the Gemfile.
  • All Karafka components released to RubyGems are digitally signed and published from an account with 2FA enabled.
  • Karafka Pro provides script you can include in your CI/CD pipeline to ensure license integrity.
  • Every release of every Karafka component is announced on our Slack.

If your organization policy prevents using any external dependency sources, a Karafka Pro license can be bundled into your application. This, however, requires a separate Enterprise agreement with us. Please contact us for more details.