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Build vs. Buy

Open Source software is great. Why should you pay money for Karafka Pro when you can extend it yourself or use it for free?


A senior developer is typically $10,000/mo. One with Kafka knowledge even more. The price of Karafka Pro is $1495 a year. Is your business building infrastructure or user functionalities?

  • How many days or weeks will it take your team to piece together similar functionalities?
  • How long will they spend fixing bugs in production?
  • How many weeks will your team spend understanding the complexity of Kafka operations?
  • How many weeks will your team spend building a performant and reliable framework for your business?

Paying money for good infrastructure means you have more time to focus on user-facing features.

Baremetrics has a Build vs. Buy calculator. Here are some extremely optimistic projections, now let the numbers speak for themselves:


Karafka Pro has lots of really valuable, well-documented, well-tested functionalities. You can reproduce some of this functionality with 3rd party open source libraries but:

  1. Will they be supported years from now?
  2. Will they work with newer Karafka versions?
  3. Will they get a steady stream of updates to fix bugs?
  4. How many days or weeks will it take you to integrate everything together and test it?

All the Karafka Pro functionalities are designed to integrate and work well together.

You can spend days or weeks integrating various OSS gems, or you can pay me for more features and have it running in minutes.


You can scale your Ruby application with Karafka quickly. At that point, Karafka is a significant piece of your business's infrastructure, so a dedicated support policy becomes insurance: three years from now, after many on your engineering team have moved on, who will help you if a problem suddenly develops? It's very common for issues with OSS projects to linger for weeks or months.

Upgrades months or years from now are as simple as bundle up karafka. The upgrade path between major versions is always well documented. So why pay? Because it's my business to make your life as simple and easy as possible. On top of that, by paying me, you are helping other OSS projects that Karafka relies on, as 10% of the income will be distributed back to other OSS projects that Karafka uses under the hood.

Help me build and maintain a high-quality Kafka ecosystem for Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

Buy Karafka Pro.