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Getting Started

  1. Make sure Apache Kafka is running. You can start it by following instructions from here.

  2. Add Karafka to your Gemfile:

# Make sure to install Karafka 2.3 as Karafka 1.4 is no longer maintained
bundle add karafka --version ">= 2.3.0"
  1. Install Karafka (works for both Rails and standalone applications) by running:
bundle exec karafka install

the above command will create all the necessary files and directories to get you started:

  • karafka.rb - main file where you configure Karafka and where you define which consumers should consume what topics.
  • app/consumers/example_consumer.rb - example consumer.
  • app/consumers/application_consumer.rb - base consumer from which all consumers should inherit.
  1. After that, you can run a development console to produce messages to this example topic:
# Works from any place in your code and is thread-safe
# You usually want to produce async but here it may raise exception if Kafka is not available, etc
Karafka.producer.produce_sync(topic: 'example', payload: { 'ping' => 'pong' }.to_json)
  1. Run the karafka server to start consuming messages:
bundle exec karafka server

# example outcome
[7616dc24-505a-417f-b87b-6bf8fc2d98c5] Polled 2 messages in 1000ms
[dcf3a8d8-0bd9-433a-8f63-b70a0cdb0732] Consume job for ExampleConsumer on example started
[dcf3a8d8-0bd9-433a-8f63-b70a0cdb0732] Consume job for ExampleConsumer on example finished in 0ms

Here's the demo of the installation process:

Note: Asciinema videos are not visible when viewing this wiki on GitHub. Please use our online documentation instead.
  1. (Optionally) Install and configure the Web UI by following this documentation section.

Example applications

If you have any problems settings things up or want a ready application to play around with, then the best idea is just to clone our examples repository:

git clone ./example_apps

and follow the instructions from the example apps Wiki.

Use-cases, edge-cases, and usage examples

Karafka ships with a full integration test suite that illustrates various use-cases and edge-cases of working with Karafka and Kafka. Please visit this directory of the Karafka repository to see them.