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Non-Blocking Jobs

Non-blocking jobs do not block polling of the underlying listener for other topic partitions. This ensures that a single Kafka connection can efficiently poll data from multiple topics and partitions.

Using Non-Blocking Jobs

class KarafkaApp < Karafka::App
  setup do |config|
    # ...

  routes.draw do
    topic :orders_states do
      consumer OrdersStatesConsumer

      non_blocking_job true

Setting non_blocking_job to true within a route configuration indicates that the job should execute without blocking data polling from other topic partitions that utilize the same connection.

Non-Blocking vs. Long-Running Jobs

Non-Blocking Jobs are Long-Running Jobs, and #non_blocking_job is just an alias to long_running_job. The dual terminology, Long-Running Jobs and Non-Blocking Jobs, provides clarity and specificity in codebases. Using these terms appropriately allows developers to:

  • Communicate the primary characteristics of the job directly through code.
  • Make informed decisions about system architecture based on the job's nature.
  • Maintain a self-documenting codebase that is easier to understand and manage.

Please refer to the Long-Running Jobs documentation to better understand this feature.